Sani-Tenders custom kiosks with half gallon foaming sanitizer

Sani-Tenders provide an aesthetically pleasing kiosk. The Sani-Tenders station takes the guesswork out of hand sanitizing and overall hand hygiene. Your company will proudly display these units in prime locations throughout your business.

Sani-Tenders are perfect for hotel lobbies, restaurant and bar waiting areas, hair salons and any office environment….Your guests/customers will easily identify the Sani-Tenders kiosk. These stand-alone stations provide clean, germ-free hands and, more importantly, communicate to customers that you care about their well being.

Our Sani-Tender kiosks come equipped with dual foaming hand sanitizers that are FDA approved. Consumers will feel confident entering your business as they realize you thought of them before they arrived.

Each kiosk comes with a half gallon of foaming sanitizer, resulting in an average of 6000 pumps per half gallon.

Monthly contracts available. $199 per unit with a yearly service contract. Bi monthly refill service and maintenance on all parts.

Returns & Exchanges Policy : Parts are covered with a yearly service contract and agreement.
Availability: 1 - 2 business days