Sensiva COVID-19 RT-PCR 24-Hour Saliva / NP Swab Testing

Sensiva Health is a New Orleans, Louisiana based lab and health care service provider offering a wide variety of COVID-19 testing solutions. Our flagship FDA Authorized RT-PCR testing platform delivers results in as little as 12-hours from our affiliated, CLIA certified high-throughput lab in Marrero, LA, and earned a 100% sensitivity and 100% specificity on our EUA – meaning it is 100% accurate. Sensiva is not just a COVID-19 testing company. We own our own labs, control our own MADE IN THE USA testing kit manufacturing, and even write our own state of the art software to include the Sensiva Res-Rating; an extension of the report that displays the status of an individual on any smartphone with an easy-to-validate QR code. Sensiva offers RT-PCR mobile "on the go" testing solutions, mass antigen/antibody screening, RT-PCR saliva, RT-PCR NP, RT-PCR viral, and RT-PCR respiratory panels for clients across the country to include some of the largest healthcare organizations, LTC facilities, sports organizations, college institutions, major oil and gas companies, and more. Sensiva also partners with local occupational clinics to bring collections for testing to our customer’s onsite, as needed. To learn more about Sensiva please visit our website,, or contact our President, Jim Silliman MD directly at

Returns & Exchanges Policy : None
Minimum Order: 250 / week
Availability: Immediately