Social Distancing Floor Graphics

Protect the health of your customers by
guaranteeing a 6 feet distance while they wait
in line at your store. Custom floor decals are
the perfect way to thank your customers for
doing their part.

• Easy to install
• Textured, non-slip lamination
• Customizable: We can change colors to
match your branding, plus add your logo

Pricing starts at $6.50 and up depending on quantity and size.

CALL (504) 818-2241 TO ORDER!

Curbside Pickup available. Shipping and delivery costs TBD.

Returns & Exchanges Policy : No Returns
Size(s) & Dimension(s): 12" X 12" / 18" x 18" / Custom Sizing Available
Material(s) & Ingredient(s): Adhesive decal with textured non-slip lamination
Minimum Order: $75 combined products
Availability: 3 - 7 days