The BLU Tool - Touch Tool Door Opener with Copper Infused Surface

The BLU Tool is made from an innovative new material, PLACTIVE, infused with a nano-copper additive for an extra level of protection from microbes. According to Copper3D, the maker of PLACTIVE, nano-copper "has been scientifically validated eliminating more than 99.99% of viruses, fungi, bacteria and a wide range of microorganisms." PLACTIVE is currently being tested by NASA to evaluate its impact on interplanetary microbial contamination. Full details regarding PLACTIVE, including scientific studies and the above quote, can be found on their website:

This article explains the antimicrobial properties of copper surfaces:

The BLU Tool has also been strength reinforced with a carbon fiber/nylon spine (See pictures). Stress tested to withstand at least 34 pounds of force, yet still lightweight for comfortable daily wear.

The BLU Tool allows for touch-free execution of the following tasks:
- Opening pull handle doors
- Turning lever-type door handles
- Restroom stalls latches
- Hand dryer buttons in public restrooms
- Sliding doors with notches
- Pushing mechanical buttons on things like elevators, ATMs, bank machines, pin pads, and credit card readers
- Ring doorbells
- Open mailboxes
- Open drawers
- Turn light switches on/off

Does NOT work on:
- Touch Screens
- Circular Door Knobs

Easy to wash with soap and water or clean with alcohol, sanitizer, or disinfectant. Not dishwasher safe.

Lightweight for easily attachment to your keys, purse or belt clip.

This is a 3D printed item, and as such, each item is unique and may have small and minor surface imperfections that do not affect the functionality of the item.

Made in New Orleans.

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Size(s) & Dimension(s): 3.5"x1.25"
Material(s) & Ingredient(s): Antimicrobial Copper Infused Polymer with Internal Carbon Fiber Spine
Minimum Order: 1
Availability: Immediately