KPC Essential Supplies

KPC Essential Supplies, a division of The KPC Group, LLC, is in Metairie, LA. KPC Essential Supplies was created to supply the Greater New Orleans area with medical supplies and essential PPE to support the healthcare industry during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. The GNOPivot Initiative has allowed for local businesses to “pivot” from their primary business in order to service essential businesses during this time. Due to the pandemic, there’s a lack of respirators (face masks) available in the entire market with wholesalers selling masks at outrageous prices.

KPC Essential Supplies’ goal is to supply small and large quantities of face masks, gloves and hand sanitizer gel that are very affordable. We have the capacity to supply more than 1,000,000 masks and distribute up to 100,000 masks per day to medical professionals, hospitals and companies of all sizes. We have the capacity to do this not only locally, but nationwide. These are FDA-approved N95 and CE-certified KN95 face masks and surgical masks. Our goal is to provide for the immediate needs of our community and our country.

All N95 respirators are certified (NIOSH or CE) and filter at least 95% of airborne particles. We supply premium-quality respirators are designed with ultrasonic welding technology for maximum comfort, glue-free and odorless. Our respirators help prevent diseases and infections such as the coronavirus.

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